This Old House

One of the fun things about having married siblings, is even though you are different and distinct little family units who don't spend as much time together as you would like, chances are you have some kind of kindred dream. 

I think we share this dream with multiple siblings, but it's always fun to get to jump on board when someone's is nearly tangible. Tonight Rose and Blair invited us to come look at this old house they've been watching. R has an eye for... Well anything that has to do with houses, old and new, and they wanted his opinion on if they were totally crazy for wanting it. No doubt part of the reason they wanted our opinion is they know we have a little peice of that same crazy streak and aren't daunted by something being slightly dilapidated. 

Anyway, we spent the evening picnicking and walking the house and property and reveling in all the things to be done, rooms to be fills with wild children, fruit trees to be harvested and canned, corn to be planted and traditions to be made. 

Even if it doesn't turn out to be "the one"... Tonight with it was perfect. 


  1. Your mom always taught me that dreaming big and reaching high were always right and most glorious. Even if you never get there, the reaching and dreaming will have made you more and better along the way!


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