Tuesday, March 26, 2013

21 weeks!

Ok maybe the exclamation was a bit excessive, after all I will be 22 weeks along tomorrow... I just didn't want the week to pass without posting pictures of the bump from this week!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunshine in the Rain

About a week ago I sat down to blog about my beautiful new nephew Gideon. Since then, I have sat down to blog about him and other things, and every time Gwenna wakes from her nap just in time to stop me. Frustrating? At first yes, but look at this girl! The photos of her are the moments after she comes out of our room, dazed with an elephant under one arm and two pacifiers in her other hand.

The past few weeks have been challenging ones for me. I have felt darkness relentlessly attacking and trying to get a good hold on me. But thank Jesus, He and my dear family, have been even more relentless in their love and light. So many things in this life are dark and sad and painful... but so many more things are beautiful, inspiring and joy bringing!!! Here are a few of those things!

Gideon Lonnie. Little bundle of fresh nephew. 

Silly girl, fresh from her nap.

Always looking for special containers for her pacifiers.

Now this photo I love! Not only does G look like the cutest Sasquatch ever, but the way the last light of the day hits her toy shelves. The mess of their contents strewn all over, but the carefully placed arrangement she worked at perfect on the shelves. So beautiful.

Even his shadow is attractive! We've been spending the evenings lounging about our room, talking, reading, napping by lamp light. It is our newest and most successful method of helping G go to bed. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Maternity: 18 weeks

Although I will be 20 weeks (half way!) on Wednesday, I wanted to share two outfits I have fiddled into fitting my roundness quite nicely. It's so fun (ok I'll be honest, it's fun some of the time, when I'm not pulling my hair and just pulling on R's sweats) finding colorful, flattering and cheap ways to dress my growing self!

Outfit 1: worn to a dear friends wedding.
The skirt- thrifted. I love the royal blue, and even more, I love that R loves it.
The blouse- also thrifted! Vintage, feminine and lacy.
Jewelry- thrifted gold hot air ballon earrings.
Shoes: thrifted (by my sister), leather ballet flats. Perfect because I don't have to bend over to slide them on!

Outfit 2:
The scarf- homemade with help from my mum
The dress- Forever 21 sale rack
The boots- thrifted!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mountains and Molehills

It is amazing the huge influence that hormones have over one's disposition. I say influence because thankfully, that is all they have... At least for me. They make the molehills that I once gingerly danced about into dark looming mountains that bring fear and worry with every step.

They influence my perception, but sunny days like today, when I step outside and see that God made the world so much bigger than me, shrink those boulders back into pebbles and the mountains back to the little dirt mounds that they are.
Yes it would be nice if I did a load of laundry today, but oh dear, the whole house will not cease to function if I don't. True, I have been too tired to potty train G the exact way that I wanted and planned to, but heavens woman! She is plump and happy and will not start kindergarten in diapers even if you wanted her to! Life is an adventure, and I am thankful for the little sun fairies that whisper to remind me when I forget.

This analogy isn't completely random. We have a few beautiful fresh new molehills in our yard. I know people call them pests but I love how rich and fresh they look.

Here are some bits and pieces from our life this week: