Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Monday With Our Man!

In April, Rhodric had to request his summer days off... The problem with this bit is that most of our adventures are rather last minute and planned in a frenzy! There were a few dates we knew we had plans but other than that we didnt know, so he took a random Monday off (this last!) and we nearly forgot about it. What a great surprise to remember!

Things have been a flurry of moving to his parents (away in France for a few monthes), tearing down walls and knocking in doorways at our house, digging out and washing G's baby clothes and keeping up with our girl and selves as well. So Monday we took as a family day.

It started the usual way, G clambering into bed with us around 6am and us trying to sleep while she squirms and sings to her babies until the "timer" goes off for "up time." We didn't rush to do anything but made our way to our favorite breakfast diner then a quick target stop (are those ever really quick?) for some labor bag items then off to spend the rest of the day at R's grandparents. The live a little over 30 min away on a beautiful piece of land that overlooks the water. It was so good to be able to go and fellowship with them and rest. Usually when we go it's for a large family gathering and G is overwhelmed. But having a quiet house and no distractions she warmed right up to her great grandparents, especially grandma Lew. She helped her pick lettuce and wash it, feed the calf, and wanted lots of snuggle book time.

It was a day full of blessing!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Rushed Rambling Update!

Been meaning to do a post of all the garage sale/thrift items I've scavenged over the past week or two, so many amazing things for baby! However I have only been able to capture pictures of a few and I want to do it well, so it will have to wait a bit longer.

In the mean time, here is where we are at:

Gwenna is doing great in the potty training department. Occasional accidents when she just can't quite make it to the pot, but making it through naps and nights in dry panties!

Rhodric working hard and well as usual(: putting in 40 hours a week at the new job and working evenings and most Saturdays on side jobs, house projects and loving G and I. What a man.

Baby and I are doing well, though she is a little eager to meet us all. We are now at 34.5 weeks! I started effacing about a month ago and have been dilated to one cm for a bit over a week. We have an ultrasound later this morning, first I am bringing G (and my sister to contain her) too... She is quite excited to "see baby sisser" though I am afraid she will be disappointed!

I feel a bit like we are running around like headless chickens! Thankfully Rhodric does not and thus one of is sane enough to keep calm. We are getting ready to stay at R's parents house for a bit as they are in Europe for the summer. It will give us a chance to bust through some big house projects without getting covered in drywall dust, and a yard and space for G to run free in without me having a heart attack!

More to come! Ultrasound update, pics of my vintage finds, baby's name and more!

Also, fourth picture down! We celebrated our third anniversary this last week (June 11th)! Hooray for love and God's gracious goodness!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beach Days

Hitting a point at which I am moving at new level of slow. At 8 months I feel surprisingly smaller than I did with G, and attribute this to 1, having G to keep up with and 2, being of gluten this time round... A little harder to indulge in donuts when there are none around that won't make you sick! So smaller, but still feels a bit like carrying the world... Heavy! Any walking or too many trips up the stairs bring on some very real Braxton hicks and nap needs.

On Tuesday, I had been determined to have a home day, but the sun came out so beautifully, I could not help but take G to the beach. We hadn't been yet this summer and I was dying to see her experience it. We called Rachel and Lael to join us, and even Xan popped down after class to sit for a bit.

We were able to achieve both fun in the sun and some down time because the girls are finally old enough to venture down to the waters edge alone and are becoming excellent at self entertainment!

Afterwards Lael came home with us, and the girls had their first nap together since they were newborns! It began with them nearly nose to nose, whispering secrets only two year olds can dream up. Eventually it did slip into slumber.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Right after church on Sunday:

Me: what are we going to do this afternoon? We don't have something planned for once!

R: I don't know.... Wait, there is a rodeo today!

And that is how we came to go to our first rodeo.

We went with his brother, Desmond and his girlfriend, Shauna... Who, also happens to me my Xandra's dear friend and whom I quite adore. It was her first rodeo as well. I think I am glad that our going was of such a spontaneous nature... Not that it was disappointing, it was quite fun and R and G loved it so much that even if I didn't it would've been worth it... But I think I would have built it up into something quite different if I had had the time to.

G slept on the drive out, so all the pictures make her out to be very unimpressed. I swear she loved it, and she enjoyed sporting R's hat. She even asked to ride a bull!

The last three pictures explain themselves I think! The evenings reenactment!