Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Perfect Beauty

Sometimes the beauty of someone overwhelms me. Most often it is one of my children. 

Today Gwenna was playing on the couch accross the room from me and I was just trapped, transfixed by her perfect beauty. Play dough on her dress, sliver in her finger, unclipped toe nails, unkempt hair. Perfect beauty. Big blue eyes, curious little fingers, beautiful olive skin, impish little smile. Perfect beauty. 

As I watched her, I slowly reached in my pocket and slid the screen up to turn on the camera. Just then her head snaps up and we lock eyes... For probably a full minute before I lift my phone and snap a picture, and she asks if she is in fact allowed to lay on the back of the couch. When I say yes, I get that smile that makes my heart leap for joy. And then she's back in whatever world she was a moment ago, and my presence is forgotten. 

I pray that I will always have the bold love to tell her how perfectly beautiful she is. And I pray I will always be able to say little things that bring that smile to her lips. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Living Room!

So, I love my house. Of course there are still lots of things we would like to improve or alter, but I am so happy to have a home to surround our little family that honestly I don't notice the things we want to change. We are dreamers and love spending time talking about all of the things we could do and places to go... But at the end of the day, if doing any of that sacrificed any element of our family's happiness or security- I would pass.

Another angle is that I don't like to start a project unless I know exactly what the outcome will look like, and I know I will love it. 

As a result of these two things, I often don't tackle even small projects that would make us happy and more at home... *cough* trying to work on that...

Our living room is the perfect example. When we moved in we didn't bring any of our old furniture with us- and so we spent the first few months slowly finding pieces we both love... The only thing we had real trouble with was pictures. Both Rhodric and I have pretty specific taste, and taste that doesn't always pair well together. But on a recent family thrift date, he found a set of four (actually there were about a dozen but we only bought four) framed photographs taken by the same photographer that we both love! 

These pictures were the completing element of the wall arrangement I had in my mind. I had accumulated all the other pieces ages ago but wouldn't hang them until we could hang it all. Although five months of bare walls was a tad... Plain...
It was worth the wait to have something complete! I love our home! 

R wanted me to get a picture of the antler light fixture... 

Gwenna found these little christmas elves at an estate sale yesterday and was sure our christmas decor would not shine without them. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

CJ- the Manly Baby Brother

I believe that all big sisters have a little feeling inside that makes them want to keep their baby brother to themselves forever.

Well I am a big sister of a not so baby brother so I admit there is a thread of that sentiment somewhere in my being. But I can honestly say that oh so much more than that, I am excited for him to fully step into the world. It's one of my great delights to hear all the hopes and dreams that he has for his future. And as I watch him finishing his senior year of high school, I get so excited! So excited to see his heart and charisma change the world, to meet the girl whose world he will rock, to see the lives that will take a hopeful turn as they cross his. 

CJ. My manly little brother. 
To the world; get ready, and you are  welcome. 

Photo credit: roseborland photography 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Girl Named Gwenna

There is this girl named Gwenna. She's a spit fire litte thing who thinks she's about three feet taller than she really is. She's hot headed and sassy, kind and generous too. When she crosses your path, you will find yourself shaking your head in disbelief or amusement at something she has said or done. 

This girl is my daughter and as much as I try to teach her, I find myself learning so much and growing so much by being around her everyday. 

It would be foolish for me to think of my girls as a burden... Or that they have robbed me of some career or life that I deserved. No. They bless my soul by pushing me to know what I believe and do my best to live what I believe. They encourage me and I already see them making the world a better place. 

I love her.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


My heart is full... Perhaps overflowing.
How am I to keep up with a blog when my hands and heart are so full? The answer? I can't. At least not consistently. 

Hopefully one day I will be able to let the jumble of emotions fall out onto the keyboard- but for right now, I am happy to just share what I can, when I can.

At this moment, I am overwhelmed with love for so many people. I feel so blessed to be witnessing God's hand working in so many of the vibrant lives around me. 

There is so much to say about what I am learning about myself, my family and my God... And I am hopeful that I will be able to share sometime soon, you know, tomorrow or next year!