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Starting Somewhere

It's been so long! Certainly not from a lack of happenings or topics to write about. Aside from being up to my elbows in little girls, my mind has bursting with hope, ideas, creative desires and mind wonderings.
I realize that's all very vague. This post is honestly mostly for me. I just need to start somewhere... right here... not wait for the perfect time or subject to write on. I'm excited to post more recipes and tips for feeding your little ones with food restrictions! I'm excited for many things, and my tendency is to stay swept up in anticipation and miss reveling in the present. So I have been challenging myself to pause, many times a day, and look around me and take note of the things i'm grateful for. It's been so joy giving!

good job tori, you did it. you wrote something.
more soon... hopefully with substantial content!

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