Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Thrifty Response

I have been wanting to do a few focussed posts and take a short break from reflection and narrative because, well frankly, I cannot follow my own train of thought and think it would be unfair to ask my readers to attempt such a task! So I have been debating between sharing some of my favorite recent thrift finds and maternity style. Then my sister in law (R's older sister) and her blog partner posted a thrift post in their blog that you can find here: They had lots of brilliant finds and wanted others to share their own. So this is a post in response to theirs! Enjoy and be inspired!

It was hard to pick what find to share, so I decided to stick with my most recent finds!

I love this whole shelf, and the two above it for that matter, the two flour canisters are my featured items though. I especially love the copper one. It has a few good dents that make it most endearing!
Gig Harbor Goodwill

I bought this lovely with three others to match it. There were eight and everytime we use them, which is daily now, I wish I had got the extra four. I love everything about it and it inspires me to cook dinner which is an added bonus!
Tacoma Goodwill

Almost everything in this photo was thrifted. I love finding boxes and tins to hold and hide the most ordinary clutter. The newest addition here is the green case. It was made to be a jewelry box, but I took the tray out and we use it to pack some of G's play mobiles in when I take her with me to doctors appointments and such. It is perfect because the velvet lining keeps it from being too loud, and she loves getting to carry it about, and the loads of compliments that are showered on her as a result from every other person we pass by.
Seattle Goodwill

This is my prize find of the past few months! Beautiful Dooney and Bourke leather satchel.
I have come to realize that I am a bit obsessed with thrifted leather purses because this makes 5.  It was $4.99,  how could I pass it up?!
Gig Harbor Goodwill

This last photo contains four finds really.
1. The most recent: Black rain boots that fit like they were made for my feet!  -Tacoma Goodwill
2. Grey wash stretch skinny jeans. They aren't maternity, but they have an elastic waist. A life saver. -Seattle Goodwill
3. The bag is one of my five leather bags that I can't get enough of. This one is here to stay because it is perfect for carrying my hand gun, which I do not carry yet, but will very soon if my husband has anything to say about it... and he does. -Renton Goodwill
5. The credit for this jacket goes entirely to my sister, Rachel. She just gave it to me and it will definitely be featured in  the coming maternity style post, even though I will only be able to zip it for another day or so. It's that amazing. -Bremerton Goodwill (I think)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Sunday from a dream

Yesterday was a Sunday of blessings. It was just one of those days in which you feel, notice and enjoy the big and small things. The kind of day that, after a long, rough and confusing week, confirms that you are right where you are meant to be with whom you are supposed to be there with! Here are a few of the things we reveled in:

An amazingly clean house that we'd worked together on till 2am on Friday night.

Breakfast in bed! (G spent the night with R's family)

A beautiful and praise lifting church service, with our favorite (ok she is our only) niece bouncing between our laps.

Gluten Free strawberry cupcakes, thank you mother!

Listening to G talk herself to sleep, then finding her on a make shift bed on the floor. What a dear!

Napping, snuggling and reading during her nap.

Coming up with a new activity for G and having her love it (sea shells and a muffin tin!).

Reading To Kill A Mockingbird aloud while R and G played blocks.

Ending the night with a few episodes of our current show: Fringe.

Monday, February 18, 2013


When I posted on Saturday morning and glanced over the blog, my caught the phrase, "makings life and adventure." I chuckled about this throughout the day as I really did have to choose to see the adventure! Sometimes it was easy: sending Gwenna out to R and Desmond with fresh cookies as they worked in the cold. Sometimes it was a little more difficult: G dumping the compost all over the floor. But once the choice was made, to live in adventure, even the compost pile was beautiful!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Urban Treasures

One of my favorite things is finding little wildernesses in the city. They really are urban treasures that you can sink your imagination into! We have a small one a block or so away, it has the potential to be a bit creepy, but sunshine sweeps that away. Today G and I collected sticks and grass there on our way back from the park. Of course I was the one to have to carry all our loot back so that she could properly befriend any neighbors the sun had lured out. I love this girl!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Brother

I don't even know where to begin! I am sure that losing one of the three men I have always called 'brother' has made me appreciate the remaining two more than most sisters might.

I cannot continue blogging without dedicating a post to my favorite 15 year old ever. CJ isn't only an awesome and caring uncle, he is the most thoughtful highschool boy I've ever known!
This past Saturday he texted me asking how I was doing/feeling and how the little baby was growing. Not wanting to overwhelm his caring spirit with the whole load of emotions I was working through, I just gave him a small slice: I was struggling with low energy and sad that I couldn't do more. I was discouraged because I felt like I had to keep asking Rhodric for help an he was never getting a break... First of all, how many 22 year old married moms are blessed enough to call their teenage brother, friend?

If you thought he was sweet for asking, just you wait! His response brought me to tears. He offered to come over right then and do whatever I needed. He said it wouldn't be any trouble because he wanted to just talk anyway. Yea. Love.

This guy has a busy school schedule, does volunteer tutoring, keeps up with 2 busy little sisters, 2 nieces and a nephew and still makes time to go out of his way to take care of his sisters.

Thank you Jesus! I hope Rhodric and I raise our children to be like their uncle!

-pictures 1 and 2 are from Rose's wedding in December. And the third is one of the last pictures Lonnie took of CJ.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Along with the delightful baby steps toward independence, comes great struggle.

Gwenna is a picture of a thriving toddler! She gets drinks out of the bathroom sink, takes off her pajamas without much help, puts her own boots and scarf on, climbs into the car without help, gets herself a snack when permitted and best of all, kisses me when I cry. She even pooped on the potty yesterday, and I honestly wouldn't have known her two year molars were coming through if she hadn't showed me! Boy, am I glad she did, it makes the grumps so much easier to love(:

So, the struggle: I am afraid our little girl's feelings of self entitlement are growing and thriving much more quickly than any sense of grace and love of others. The three words that most frequent her vocabulary are: me, mine and

I am thankful for how much time I have spent with toddlers, for I fear if I had spent none, I might be subject to believe she the only one. Her intensity and determination is both beautiful and frightening. As my sister says, usually while handing G something she has demanded, "I am sorry, but I do NOT want Gwenna mad at me!"

She is fierce, and beautiful, and growing. I love that being her mother means I get to do so much more than watch her grow. Getting knee deep in the mud and weeds to help her little self makes the victories so much sweeter.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Date Night: part two!

Well it started with him bringing me flowers. I think that says it all(:

Date Night: part one

Tonight Gwenna is spending the night at Rhodric's parents! This means we will be going on a much needed date, it's been far too long. Here is the problem, I don't feel like it! No, it isn't that I don't adore my man, or think he doesn't adore me. It is very simply that I don't feel how I want, my clothes don't fit, and not in a sexy way. My hair is not cooperating and I don't have make up that can keep up with my raging hormones. How silly is it that these simple and trivial troubles combined would wage such war against a potentially beautiful evening? Well, war it is, and I am determined to come out the victor. In a desperate grocery run for bananas and toothpaste this morning, I splurged on this hair stuff, dug my no fail lipstick out of my purse, lit a candle and found a very feminine top(no idea what it will be accompanied with yet, but hey it's a start). I did what always makes me feel better, waxed my eye brows! With these tools, determination, prayer and my ever loving man, I will shake these blues, and embrace the night!

Stay tuned for part two: the date.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Night Adventuring

One of the perks to R's new job is that he always gets off in a timely manner. This is a delight to all of us! This being his first Friday night we decided to go out to one of our favorite spots in Tacoma. Don's Ruston Market is this quaint little soda fountain diner over on the north end of town. We've been going there together since we were dating and love it except for their hours. They always close at 5 or 6, and R is rarely done early enough for us to make it. Not so tonight! G thoroughly enjoyed the experience and ate her first whole hot dog... But of course sharing our chocolate shake was her favorite.

Then off to the beach! Yes, I am afraid you heard me right. We went to the beach, at night, in February, in Washington. Sometimes I love the idea of something so much that I make the mistake of saying it. I love the idea of going to the beach all year round, and I said it, and we went. It was wicked cold but we had fun walking along, looking at stars and waving at trains.

A good night right? Well top that off with a few good thrift finds and there you have our Friday night! It is now 9:01pm. Gwenna is asleep in bed, Rhodric is alsleep on the couch, and I am about to finish the evening with a bowl of cereal.

Hope you all had a good evening as well!