Monday, September 10, 2012

Making Do

This (title) has turned out to be the unofficial motto for the week in a few different ways!
1. I have been making do with very a limited supply of energy. From what I understand, depression is quite a normal phase in grieving the loss of a loved one, and sure enough it has come calling. Unfortunately, it is one of those topics that many people feel uncomfortable discussing. How tragic is it that their mere avoidance of the issue
only makes those suffering the ailment more depressed?! I simply love talking about real things that a lot of people would rather leave under the table... I've decided this is healthy if I don't let it get too out of hand. When I think about my own current struggle, I never actually think of the word depression, to me it is just a very real battle with Darkness. At the moment, I am winning the battle!

2. Making do with no camera is difficult when you have the beauty of a one year old dancing in front you! G is a delight, a sassy, naughty, beautiful delight... It is tempting to stop blogging while I don't have amazing pictures to add, but I don't want to lose momentum so I shall blog on and you will have to put up with some low quality reflections of our life.

3. My dear car, I refuse to name her as I'm afraid it will make her death more painful when it inevitably comes, is under the weather. I can't say I blame, I am afraid I run her ragged! But G and I have enjoyed being home and walking the 2 mile jaunt to my parents for company. Hopefully we will be back in business before too long, we are out of eggs.

I guess there is a 4! We are in the slow process of moving upstairs! Living out of boxes and suitcases can be fun, but i an afraid most things we get packed at night, gets unpacked by G in the morning.We live in a duplex that despite it's neighborhood reputation, has a lovely view of the city and waterway. We've been living in the bottom unit since we were expecting G as it has 2 bedrooms. Recently our upstairs renters moved out and we decided to move upstairs and rent out the bottom unit. The upstairs is smaller, only one bedroom (we're turning a closet into a little room for G) but has so much more character and it just makes us happy being up there!

I will add a few pictures here before running off to pack for a night away in a yurt with my mum and sisters!