Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Real Life

Real life moves to fast when you need it to move slow! And go figure, too slow when you need it to move fast. So here's to enjoying the bursts and drags it throws at you.

Real life means your baby gets sick and then so do you and though it seems to take forever, you both do get better again. And when you do, a walk to the library for a first outing is a great idea.

One reality of life is that sometimes, wearing something you like really does make your day go better.

Real life means that when your husband starts a new job you find the energy to make a cake and celebrate even though you feel too tired... And it's worth every second of lost nap to have a little family party.

Real life means that despite your fears and worries, if Jesus wants you to make it to your second trimester and feel your baby move, you will!

Living a real life is enjoying the big and small, joyful and hard things God hands you. It also means throwing together a sloppy blog post from your phone because who knows when you'll be alone with the computer next.

I can't caption the pictures so enjoy deciphering the different outings and moments we've enjoyed! Here are a few descriptions, I will try to post the pictures in the following order:
- our first outing after the sickness. A lovely walk to the library
- my outfit: layers with floral and flannel and a blazer, and my favorite new boots! No bending over required to put them on! I am trying to get creative and make my real clothes work as long as possible(:
- Rhodric's first day at his new job, we baked a cake to surprise him. The best was G trying to say "surprise!" as he came up the stairs
- enjoying said cake.
- our growing baby
- G has discovered that daddy can't put her to bed when she gives him back rubs and head scratches(:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sick Days

About 12:30 on Tuesday night, Gwenna blessed us with all the contents of her little belly. And so began a short series of sick days. She is much better today, she is recovering from one bug while coming down with a bad case of the grumps.

Anyway, I've had a little time to think about all the posts I've been wanting to write! I am most excited about the coming Maternity and style post! I've had quite a few other thoughts as well and am looking forward to sharing them.

In the mean time, here are a few pictures that have fallen through the cracks:

Poker Night

With Rhodric and I both having big, busy families, we miss getting to hang out with some of our dear siblings! We see them at our parents and in passing but there is always someone ten or under chiming or climbing (literally) into any conversation you might have been able to start.

So on Monday night we had Desmond (Rhodric's brother), and my Xan and CJ over for stew and poker. Gwenna was delighted when they showed up and was generous enough to provide us with toddler entertainment during dinner before she went to bed. She loves her uncles dearly, and shows it by being extremely rude and scornful to them. We are hoping she grows out of this.

Once G was bedded down we pulled the table out and turned cranked up the music. The boys had to refresh Xan and I on the rules of the game.

The picture below of Rod and Xan: we were talking about how blind they both are and how their prescriptions are opposite. So they switched glasses and can you tell or what?!

It was a laughter filled late night and when all had finally gone, we got to sit back and talk about how much we enjoyed these siblings. They used to seem so little and now they are real friends to us. What blessings!

I suppose I should as that Rhodric won. But I got my feet ylotioned because of it, so no complaints here!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lonnie Days

On Saturday last, I had one of which I have come to call 'Lonnie Days.' They come like a thief in the night, when you least desire or expect them, yet somehow you are glad to succumb to them. I hesitate to tell of this day because other than the sequence of physical events that occurred on it, I understand it very little. But I do know that I want to remember it, and maybe recounting at least the motions we went through to get through the day will help me with interpreting it in the future.

A tearful morning. They started flowing pretty much as soon as I sat up in bed. Somehow I managed to get dressed...and Rhodric must've dressed Gwenna because I don't remember. I couldn't stop crying and we knew we needed to get out of the house. It was a beautiful day.

We drove down the hill and caught the little train that runs through downtown. G liked this very much. She is very interested in trains right now. We road for awhile, unsure of our plans or destination. I must add here, that i had indeed managed to stop crying. Finally we decided to find a coffee shop and part ways for a bit. I left R and G at Tully's where they had a fun date that ended at a toy store.

I tied my scarf a little tighter and headed to Mad Hat. The only place I could think to go. Mad Hat is a little tea shop tucked away downtown. Lonnie spent countless hours there, and had become excellent friends with the owner. He displayed a lot of his photography and print work there as well. I spent some impressively unproductive time with my notebook while drinking tea and watching passers by. As I felt an uncontrollable wave coming I hurried to pay and off to find my loves.

We finished the day with dinner at my parents. I curled up next to the fire with Xandra and warmed that corner of my heart that only a sister can reach. Then home to bed and the comfort of Husbands warm arms.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Sniffly Monday

Yesterday, G woke up coughing and her little nose was dripping like a faucet! We decided we would have a home day... I managed to scrape together enough rid bits to through in the crock pot so we didn't have to worry about dinner or anything. It was a lovely day. She cried a bit more than usual, but it was always pitiful tears, which I don't mind a bit when she's feeling under the weather. She also discovered that when she coughed for longer than 2 seconds, I instinctively said, "my poor baby!" This she liked very much and so the coughing bouts came regularly. It was so good to sip tea with her and watch her learn and explore her toys. No one to share with, no bed time to worry about, she just enjoyed each little thing. I hope to have more of those sort of days.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Little Shakespeare

I have been falling in love with Gwenna more than usual of late. Something in her defiant little stare, something in her mischievous grin, something in the way she pushes her blonde locks out of her face, just rips at my heart. An unnameable energy bursting from her seams.

A bit ago I pinned a Shakespeare quote from a Midsummer Night's Dream on my Gwenna board: "And though she be but little, she is fierce!" More everyday I see this fierceness with which she takes on life with. It makes my heart want to burst apart watching her.