Friday, May 30, 2014

Trailer Life: sleeping in 16

Sleeping with two girls in a 16ft trailer has presented a few challenges... 

Bedtime is a bit tricky, because we don't have a monitor yet and so one or both of us have to stay in the trailer while they go to sleep. The plus side: we can hang a blanket from G's bunk so that Amelia can't see us, and spend some time talking without the pressure to get other stuff done! 

Amelia. This sweet and spunky little spot fire is a mystery. I thought babies needed a lot of sleep! Maybe she is teething or maybe she will just be one of those babies that doesn't sleep a lot, all I know right now is that I can count on being up a good portion of the night with her. The 16ft factor rather eliminates the option of letting her cry it out. So she has picked up a nightly feeding and ends up sleeping with us half the night. But pictures like this make it worth it! 

The last thing about sleep, is the abrupt wake up my little sisters get many a morning. But they endure it like saints and love their nieces so well! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Trailer Life: the Beginning

Last night was our first night in the trailer. 

What trailer? Well we finally decided we could not keep living in our one bedroom apartment with two rowdy little girls, so we bought and moved into a 16 ft camp trailer... That sounds a lot more crazy now that I see it in writing. 

The Sound Yet Somewhat Crazy Plan: buy the trailer. Move into it. Move the rest of our stuff into a storage unit. Clean, make repairs, prepare our duplex unit to be rented. Do this while finding a renter for it. Do all these things while finding and buying a new house. Move into new house before the first snow.... Ok that last part is a joke, just as soon as possible! 

It could be three weeks, could be three monthes... Thanks to my amazing parents for opening their patio to us! Both of our parents lived in trailers when first married with two small babes so they are supportive... And probably chuckling at us behind our backs(: 

So anyway, the first night went well. Our walls aren't quite as thick as the rest of the cities and the birds were up before dawn. 

I am looking forward to sharing tricks and tips to living in a small space! And documenting this adventure we are on!

Thanks to my sister Xan for making a hick mail box for us....

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Gwenna is growing so fast... I realize most of my posts start with that sentence. The other evening she asked to be excused from dinner. I was distracted feeding Amelia, but knew she had had a late snack and wasn't super hungry so I said she could get up and that I'd save her dinner. Later when clearing the table I couldn't find her bowl, so I asked her where it was. "In the fridge of course mom!" She replies. Maybe I am crazy, but it does not seem normal that a just three year old clears her spot, seran wraps it and puts it neatly in the fridge with no prompting! 

One of my favorite thing a about her growing mind is that she is starting to remember her dreams. 1am the other night: out she comes in all her wild hair glory and stands panting in front of me as I blearily ask what she is doing up. "Mom!   There was a bluer heron at grammie's! And it was blowing smoke at me and Lael! It was so scary! The heron was a really big one!"

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother 's Day

Mother's Day was beautiful.
We spent a peaceful afternoon and evening enjoying the sun with my family- all us moms getting to relax and chat and read while the men cooked and herded children. 

I suppose I should save my husband doting for another post, but since I wouldn't to be a mother without him, I think it's appropriate. I just love him. We are different as can be, but no one makes me feel more like myself. We don't like a lot of the same things, but we both love Jesus and each other and the rest just sort of falls into place as we go. He is my favorite person. 

So blessed by these girls!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gwenna Growing: a story and some quotes

For those of you who know Gwenna, you know she likes to be clean and will gladly use anyone else's clothes or stuff to wipe her hands so that she isn't dirty. Knowing this about her makes this moment so much sweeter:

 Amelia just learned how to do Hi-Five and is constantly holding out her chubby little hand for them. Yesterday morning she was doing this right after eating and her hands were slimy with breakfast carnage. Gwenna was playing on the floor and saw that little outstretched hand. "Oh, she want a hi-five!...... Um... Mom is her hand clean?"... "No honey, it's pretty slimy. You don't have to giver her a hi-five right now." .... There was a moments pause then G let's out a low moan as she gets up and goes over and obliges Amelia, "it's ok if your messy sister, I can handle it." So. Sweet. 

For the past month or so I have been writing down little things G says, here are a few:
"Amelia, I am the greatest big sister ever"
Me: wow it's a beautiful day! Look how sunny it is Gwenna!
G: yea! A beautiful day... For watching movies.
Cleaning up nex to the fridge I find some goldfish lined up just under the fridge. To myself "oh goodness" and start picking them up. G walks by and says, "oh I put those there mom, for a mouse for a snack."
Gwenna comes out of the bathroom: 
G: mom I made a huge stack of tissue!
Me: wow! You can stack it just don't tear it up ok?
G: me not tear it up. Just stack it. Mom you have to come see. It's so tall! As tall as GOD!!
Last but not least: Gwenna grabbed a new t-shirt out of her drawer and as we put it on:
Me: Ahhh, Gwenna this makes you look like such a big girl! I don't know about this!
G: mom I am too perfect for this shirt it's ok!
Me: I just don't know if I can handle you looking like a six year old!
G: mom you can handle this! We can handle it! I love this shirt!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Peace in Chaos

I tend to be a bit of a worrier... My husband will laugh when he reads that, so I will be honest- I am a worrier. But I am a redeemed worrier! Everyday I am learning to rest in God's hands and let the little things go. 

Recently I have been especially convicted about having a spirit of peace. I want my girls to be able to come rest a tearful face in my shoulder, or scraped leg on my lap without feeling rushed... Without feeling like they are my afterthought. My job, my love, is to love and care for them- the house can fall apart if that is what it takes to do my job well. I say this confidently, but I have to remind myself of it very single day... Multiple times. 

So often I have a voice in my head panicking and shouting "how can I get it all done?! It's impossible! I am always falling behind! I fail every day!" Well, getting everything on my arm long list is impossible, but loving the girls and R and just doing what I can do while loving them isn't impossible. It does mean giving up a standard that I hold for myself (and nobody else, because it would be a cruel standard to hold them too!).

Jesus, help me to love as wholly as you love. When I talk to my girls help me to look into their eyes and not all around me at the dishes and laundry. Help me let go of my own standard of perfection and rest in the freedom that you hold out to me. Amen! 

Sill reaching, Amelia's new sport

Resting amidst the mess

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day!

Growing up May Day was an exciting day at our house! We would hang may baskets on the doors of friends and neighbors, knock and then run away before they opened... I am sure they were watching our valiant attempts from a window and kindly waited till the last of our troupe disappeared behind a hedge before opening.

This is a tradition I look forward to having with our girls, but today felt more like the first day of summer, so we went to the beach! We tagged along with my cousin and her kiddos (who Gwenna adores!). Amelia definitely loved her first beach experience, even after sampling sea weed!