Saturday, November 24, 2012


We had a beautiful Thanksgiving, and we hope you did as well! It started with a good family snuggle, when Gwenna climbed in bed with us, these always turn into wild romps on daddy and mommy's heads I'm afraid. We love it.
Next, we kidnapped Giles and Gillian (Rhodric's youngest siblings) and headed to Point Defiance woods for a turkey trot with some friends. The walk was in celebration of our friend's nephew who passed away a 4 years ago at age 4. It was moist and chilly and beautiful. Rhodric ran 5 miles and the littles and I went adventuring through the woods. It was a glorious way to start the day.
My oldest sister and friend, Rachel and her man and babe joined us as we went out to R's grandparents for dinner and lovely fellowship.

Good morning world!

Gwenna's oh so stylish aunt Gill


Warming up with a chat

This boy is never short on stories (=

Melissa's nephew Payton's favorite color was orange

Lael Monet and Gwenna Rose Sanaa. They fill their names well.

This was her nana's baby


My Miss Monet

Gwenna with two of her three great grandmothers

Lael loves her some Uncle Rod

So thankful for this girl. sister moms forever!
We have so much to be thankful for!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Gwenna and I just can't get enough of this man. Over the past week he has found a very new and special place in G's little one year old heart. The other night she was calling him 'my daddy,' it was adorable.

I love the first picture here, R is fixing the zipper on her jacket and G is dressed up so fairly but still trying to be like her dad, crossing her legs.

Last night we went on a date! It had been over a month and was so long over due. Gwenna was more than happy to spend the afternoon and evening with my parents. At one point we picked up our take out an hour before needing to go get G, and that seemed like a perfectly lovely amount of time to eat and talk.We laughed about this because when we had dates like this when we were dating, 3 or 4 hours wouldn't have been long enough! Going home every night with your date is just the best.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Photo Dump!

Too many amazing pictures from my mom's camera. The first set are taken by my little brother CJ. He is the most adoring of uncles! 

From Summer

I must share these lovely pictures. They are from a trip out to Port Townsend at the end of the summer. They are compliments of my sister in law, Brittany, who was in town with her husband(they reside in Chicago). I can't believe how much Gwenna has grown since these were taken!

Brittany's Blog:

We were helping Brittany's mother in law move

1. Just taken a spill running down a steep hill

2. Showing her battle wound

3. Receiving the best medicine

4. Looking for the cherry on top
5. Success. Boppa's sympathy!

This is my favorite because you see her own personality shining, but she is still standing in my shadow 

Morning love

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Bit on Marriage

Marriage can contain some of the loveliest moments and feelings a person can experience. It can also contain some of the hardest. The longer Rhodric and I are married and the more experiences we have together, both beautiful and dark, I realize how little couples acknowledge the hard things. What I think they are missing is that portraying your marriage as always whimsical, light, romantic and sensual sounds great, but it isn't really real. Portraying it as all those things and also acknowledging the presence of our imperfect selves and struggles, now that, I think, is true beauty.

So, I am going to try to do this more often. It is difficult at times because it's much easier to let people believe that we communicate perfectly and never have different ideals. In light of this, let me share a moment with you. Two days ago, we had poor day relationally. We loved each other we knew it and said it, but for one reason or another our communication was just off. However, we made it through the day and went to bed with toes touching. Then later I was up in the night, unable to sleep for one reason or another (lets be honest, I was eating my almost nightly midnight snack) and when I came back to bed I was freezing. Through me getting up, rummaging around, turning the light on and off, R hadn't so much as budged. But as I lay there, shivering beside him, I figured it was worth a try, "hon..... I'm so cold" I whispered. Not even a full second lapsed before he turned over covered me with a very warm leg and arm. I slipped back to sleep smiling and secure in his love. It would have been sweet if we had had a great day, but it meant the world since we hadn't!

From our wedding day- 6.11.10