Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tattoos, Neighbors and Garden

The great thing about going from transitional living to a new house is that most of our stuff was in storage, so getting moved in means rediscovering boxes and boxes of treasures. Among these, Gwenna found her forest tattoos from her uncle Desmond. It's not often they make tattoos that kids and parents both love... 

We met our neighbors on the left, a quiet small Hispanic family with a three year old girl named Emily. They are very sweet  but Emily and Gwenna have been a bit shy, so instead of playing, they just peer through the fence at each other. 

On our other side is a neighbor who I think we will love forever. Her name is Rose, a sweet and sassy middle aged Italian grandma. Besides being a thrifting kindred spirit, she is full of stories and the neighborhood know- I look forward to sharing some of her tales! She thrifted these old children's magazines for Gwenna. 

The Garden. As I have said, I didn't inherit my moms green thumb and love of gardening, but I am excited to try. I love the patch of dirt for the girls to "help" with. And the huge volume of lavender is amazing because it makes it look like I almost know what I am doing! 

Here is a complimentary picture of my nephew London(: 

Monday, July 14, 2014

A New House!

Sorry about the lack of updates! As you know, we moved into the trailer for the summer while we looked for a new house- well, we found one! 

After weeks of weeding through forclosed houses and fixers (our realtor is amazingly patient!) we found this little rambler that, unlike all the others, was nearly move in ready. As Rhodric says about the house's aesthetic appeal, "she ain't a looker." Yet. We are excited to get settled and slowly as we are able, give her a face lift. Closing went fairly smoothly and on Friday night we got the keys! 

We are leaps and bounds beyond happy! 
She has 3 bedrooms, a living room AND a dining room, a FENCED yard and a mother in law apartment that we will rent out! 

Before moving I looked on Pinterest to find some moving tips... Most of what I got was how to organize boxes so that when you move you can put boxes straight into their perspective rooms. Whoever thought of those either didn't have little kids or else had the super power of speed and energy. 

What I have been doing is moving all the stuff into the third bedroom, then as I am able, taking and putting one box (or laundry basket) away at a time.
This has made living so relaxing and enjoyable! Every room is clear and clean with the bare essentials and the girls can play unhindered without being told not to get into stuff! 

The crazy room! It doesn't even bother me!

A sink with a sprayer, and get this, we have a real dishwasher!
The living room staying empty, waiting for a new floor and paint- also, all of our furniture is in our apartment that is being rented fully furnished...

Gwenna is extatic about their room! And I already found the first piece of art for their room! The wardrobe: built by my grandfather for my sisters and I years ago. The tea set: vintage, found at a garage sale.

I found this sweet cradle a few monthes ago and hid it so that G could have something new to make her room special when we moved.

These closer doors are one of my favorite aspects of the house... Maybe because for the first time in a long time, Rhodric and I don't have kids in our closet(: 

Lavender anyone?!

No words for the mother joy that comes with a fence!

Photo credit: Gwenna

This is not even staged. Observing the three year old neighbor girl.

Wishing I had my mother's green thumb...

So happy! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

 R and I were blessed with a date night after a long month without: 

I love this guy from the sky to the ground!