Saturday, January 31, 2015

Taking the Victories

I have been meaning to post this for a few days. On Thursday afternoon I was enjoying this idyllic moment: Gwenna playing sweetly with clay and chatting with me while I made gluten free energy/granola bites in a clean (a rarity for me) kitchen. Amelia napping and then happy for a little bit when she did wake up. It felt like I was walking on clouds! 
Then I went to put something away in the office- and.... Well, just look at the picture below and you can guess how I might have felt. I was suddenly confronted with an number of emotions to chose from; frustration with myself for not being able to keep things together, frustration with Amelia for undoing everything I do manage to get done, despair.... I could go on. But I looked behind me and saw the sweetness I was just basking in- and managed to ignore those taunting emotions and just close the office door. Yes, I need to figure out how to tackle that room and continue finding what kind of housekeeping works for me... But sometimes, it's far more profitable to just take the victories that sit right in front of you. Sure I've got leaps and bounds to go, but also, right here is pretty beautiful. I am not settling, but being thankful for the blessings I have and having faith that  God will bless my desire to grow in the home making department! 


But also this!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday's Walk

My Amelia was devastated this morning when she realized daddy and Gwenna were heading out to church without her. I wasn't feeling well so decided to keep her home with me so R could actually sit through church. 

Taking a walk in the beautiful sunshine sure helped cheer her up! 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sugar Detox: day 5

I'm I was really expecting that by day 5 I would be getting some new bursts of energy. Day 5 came and went with out this anticipated treat. 

I have come to realize that I love and crave formulas. Something to do and stick with that solves my problems... I will do a post on this another time. 

Anyway, I am excited to preserver in this sugar detox, and am excepting that I may need to change some aspects of it to fit my needs; most specifically, adding in some healthy carbs. I knew I had a fast metabolism but didn't realize the blow that virtually removing carbs was going to deal it. 

I am still figuring out what this modification will look like- more soon! 

In the mean time: my nap hair and trying to get out of bed - and book time with my babies. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Some days I see glimpses of the women my girls are growing into. Other days I can't seem to even imagine that tomorrow will come.... And every once in awhile I get a day that is one way for one girl and the other for the other. Today is one of those days. 

I am trying be embrace and be invested in Gwenna growing up and be present and love Amelia through her miserable teething crisis. 

Gwenna: 3 going on 13

Amelia: somehow manages to be the sweetest cranky pants ever. Little back story: their uncle Desmond (R's brother) has gotten them the exact same camo sweat suits the past two Christmases and Amelia has an unmatched love for hers. It makes her smile and forget whatever has just broken her heart. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sugar Detox!

That exclamation point is a facade. Yes we (R and I) are doing a three week sugar detox.... But I don't feel very excited about it right now. 

I have been reading about the many negative effects of sugar for some time and have been wanting to do a sugar detox for as long. But the mere thought was far too daunting. Then a friend of mine, and nutritionist, planned a group detox plan with lots of support, encouragemt and food ideas. My love language! 

When I started to tell R about how I wanted to do it, He volunteered to do it with me. What a man. And then he realized that would mean eliminating beer from his diet for three weeks.... Guess what, still doing it! What a man! 

We started yesterday, and let me tell you - three weeks is sounding freakishly long right now... But sharing this today makes me a little more determined to make the challenge so I can share the effect that this de-sugaring plays and compare my first and last day experience! 


Eating healthy meals within program guidelines: the meals went great. Lots of meat which made R happy!... Snacking was a real challenge. Like, kick the wall cause I am so tired of being hungry and not eating what I feel like challenge.... 

Drinking 64oz of water: I didn't even try to count oz because I knew I woulnt hit 64. I decided to try to drink a ton and start counting in a few days. 

Sleeping 7 or more hours: impossible when you have doubled your water intake and have a tiny bladder.... 

Moving (walking/stretching etc): took girls to park- for everyone's sanity... And we ran across a field so....

Exercise: sex counts right? Good. 

Checking in with Detox Partner (sister: Rachel): Rachel and I FaceTime about every other day anyway and are so close that immersing in one more sisterly challenge is super easy and natural! 

19 more days to go! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year. Same Love.

One of the fun parts about being married is taking ideas from your roots and making traditions that fit your own little family. My parents have always had the tradition of not getting each other gifts, but instead setting aside an "after Christmas date" when they would go shopping together and just have a blast. I remember longing to go with them because there was such anticipation on their part and they always came back holding hands and laughing. 

We love this idea and think we might implement it down the road, but right now we both still like giving and opening packages together on Christmas. We have however made it a priority to set aside time and extra money to go on a special date right after the new year. A chance to start the year of together, connected and talk about our hopes, fears and dreams. 

This year was the best yet. The girls are big enough to love their time with my parents and not miss us at all- which makes my mama heart breath a sigh of relief and makes it possible to focus 100% on this man who has me smitten. 

We ate at TWO restaurants over a couple hours, just for the fun of it... 

We ate. We laughed... A lot. We kissed. We talked. 

We are stoked for 2015! 

Family Shoot and Merry Christmas!

I had high hopes of sending out a christmas card this year... but the hopes were high in my head but not my heart so I wasn't too crushed when other things took priority through the holidays. We did however get some pictures taken! 

My sister, Rose, has been building her photography business and did the shoot for us. Her site is here! My favorite thing about her photography style is that she adapts it to get the look that people want, while still capturing their spirit and personality. I would randomly text her ideas and shots for weeks leading up to shooting. The other bonus we had was that she is an auntie exceedingly adored by the girls, so she was able to get some really natural shots of them. 

So here goes, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Bonds!
Rhodric, Tori, Gwenna and Amelia