Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Glimpse Into the Future

Today Gwenna and Lael delved into the world of make up... And tattoos... And hair chalk... 

Having a daughter makes you rethink everything you have ever thought or believed. Barbies or no Barbies, earrings when they are 3 months or 13, bikinis or one pieces, to own a scale or not, to talk about sex and sexuality or not.... And that's the short list! 

It is so fun to walk the path of raising girls with my sister... And I feel so blessed that we agree on most things! So today we went without naps (us not them- they don't nap anymore; little crazies) so we could be apart of our little girls pretending  to be the women they will be one day... Hopefully they will be a little more tasteful with their make up;) 

^^^ me saying, "oh you are so fancy!" While thinking, "and you would make the part for a kid in a horror movie..." 

^^^ my favorite! 

Ending the fun by kicking off their heels and making dandelion tea in wooden bowls... And putting our mama hearts to rest that they won't grow up just yet! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Evening Walk

It has been a long week for all of us as R has been away for work all week. The one upside to this was he had Friday off! We ended the day with an evening alley walk- our favorite kind of walk. We saw a few amazing trailers- this one being our second favorite. And did lots of reminiscing about our summer trailer living last summer and planning when we might live in a trailer (hopefully a bigger one next time) again. 

Gwenna is on board for the adventure! 

And Amelia found a basket to put her treasures in!

Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello from the desert! I am taking a moment to jot while Amelia takes her last nap before we head home. 

Many people have asked me why I was going to Arizona. Every time I found myself gritting my teeth a little bit because I knew that "going to visit my aunt" would not carry the significance that the words really held. But I had to let that go and just know I'm my heart what it meant (and be so thankful that Rhodric knew what it would mean to me when he surprised me with the ticket!).

Anyway, I decided that since I wanted to post some pictures I would at least attempt to explain. Auntie Peggie has always been a little bit more than an aunt.  When CJ was little he appropriately called her his "mom like thing".... I couldn't put it any better. Growing up she hosted holidays and loved you like a normal aunt, but then she also lovingly followed up with you and encouraged you and corrected you without caring if it made you not like her just like a mom. 

When I grew up and begin to parent my own kids, I grew a new appreciation for people like this. Maybe because I see how much I still have to grow and how much potential my girls have and I want them to have all the support they can get. 

Between the grief of losing Lonnie and then this last summer my uncle, the pains and joy of growing older and into new phases of life, and the faith that we share in Jesus Christ, and the time together, not to mention the entertainment of Amelia, we literally talked, cried, sang and laughed together for 4 days straight!

I am so thankful for these days and the memories they hold!