Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Just yesterday Rhodric and I were talking about how it feels like spring would never come... And then there was today! The girls and I were still coughing and sniffing but feeling much better so we ventured out on a walk to the park and ended up staying out for two hours! It was warm and gloriously sunny!

It was Amelia's first park visit and as you will see, she enjoyed the swing!

Quince is blooming! This is the bush that inspired Amelia's middle name-

Deciding if carrying this big rock is worth it...

Trying out the beauty bark...

I love this one...

My heart!

Sampling grass

Photo credit: Gwenna

Talking to a bird about her stick and why the bird can't have it...

Our neighbor girls...

Monday, February 24, 2014

JAM POST: 7months/Valentine's/Adoption/aBirthday/Sickdays

Forgive the messy post and rambling title. The latter is mostly for my own referral. The past week has been quite something! So many moments I didn't want to miss capturing but no time to post as I went.

Anyway, here's what we've been up to!

Amelia is now 7 months!
This snuck up on me! I tried to get a cute picture with her and G but G wouldn't hail still for half a second and was a bit sick and things got out of hand...
Amelia... Angelic as usual...

Yes. She is getting tapped on the head...

Gwenna..... There really aren't enough words to describe her.....

Valentine's Day/Adoption Day:

Great turn out for Amaris' adoption! The whole family plus some dear friends,cousins and aunties! We feel blessed beyond measure to have this girl in the family for good!

Rhodric brought flowers for all his girls, including his mom, sister and grandma... How did I get so lucky?!
Amelia enjoyed experiencing her rose...

And a new house plant for me!
Gwenna decorated the table for dinner

Lael turns 3:
This sweet ham turned three! We love everything about Lael Monet and feel so blessed to be in her life!

Sick Days:
Laundry saboteur in training! 
poor fevered girl

feeling well enough to walk in the alley
coming down with the cold
Gwenna's first trip to Mary Bridge. thankfully nothing serious just an extra long virus. Amelia is sick too but you'd hardly know it!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014


Amelia melts my heart more each day! She is trying to crawl, which looks like the most rediculous army/caterpillar roll/crawl you have ever seen! Gwenna is so excited she is starting to move and is ever energetically coaching her. poor amelia. Anyway I decided to do this quick post instead of clogging up everyone's instagram feeds... 

This first one I did post on instagram the other day, but it is so sweet I wanted it saved on  the blog!
On Thursdays, this little guy Jed spends the day with us. He and Gwenna get along well when they aren't arguing about who is stronger and better at building block towers. The photo on its own is adorable, but knowing how hard sharing is for Gwenna and knowing that she shared her cowboy hat without being asked or told makes it that much sweeter to me!

"Come on sisser! come on!"

"Sorry Gwenna, I need a rest!"

coaching is exhausting! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Birthday to Remember!

This past Sunday was Jade's 11th birthday. This was her first birthday as a true Arnold and we all wanted to make it a special one... Handily, she is going through a very intense Harry Potter phase right now so picking a theme for the party was more than easy... and it sure didn't hurt that most of us are nerds! Some good friends took her away for a birthday date in the morning and by the time she got home the house was transformed- and she was greeted on the walkway by some owls bringing her Hogwarts welcoming letter.

Before she even got to the door she had exclaimed, "This is the best birthday i've ever had!"

Happy Birthday little sister!

opening her letter from Hogwarts, brought by this bouquet of owls
My parents are amazing!!! Or should I say, MacGonagall and Shacklebolt...

Platform Nine and Three Quarters...

She had to go through Diagon Alley to get her school supplies
All sorts of goodies from Honeydukes!
A couple fellow first years
Of course she had to meet Moaning Myrtle in the girls bathroom!
Rose an Blair came from Portland! 

Hagrid's cake for Harry from The Sorcerer's Stone

Every wizard's fireplace has it...
She knows to be cautious of anyone with the Dark Mark

Wearing her school robes

Being sorted... She was sorted into Gryffindor of course!

Butter Beer for the win
Breaking character to dote on London
Despite his despise for all things Harry Potter, this good brother in law laid aside his opinions to help hang all sorts of decorations, including the Lord Voldemort PiƱata. Love this guy.   

the littles playing Quidditch