Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Date Day

Two weekends back the girls were going to spend the night with my parents... BOTH girls! The plan was for Rod and I to have an afternoon date to the Capitol building and nearby goodwill then back so I could nurse Amelia then leave them again and go get a real nights sleep. 

Well when we came back Gwenna had a raging fever so the full night sleep didn't happen. But it was a beautiful thought. And the date was amazing so no complaints! I do love this man. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Cold Remedy

It has been quite a week of sickness for us. A week ago it began with Gwenna losing her voice before getting so much as a runny nose. The girls and I had been planning for weeks to go to Portland to visit my sister Rose for the weekend... Thursday morning rolls around and Rose is sick with the same head cold and cough that Gwenna has. We decide not to postpone this much needed sister time and just indulge in lots of soup and movies together. About two hours after arriving I can tell I am coming down with it as well. 

Here is the ultimate concoction that Rose had put together for me making a soothing hot mug of goodness! 

Great Aunt Rose's Cold Remedy Tea:

1 Tbls apple cider vinegar
1 Tbls lemon juice 
1 Tbls coconut oil 
1 Tbls honey
1/2 tsp cinnamon 
1 cup boiling water

throw it together, give it a stir, curl up in your coziest blanket and enjoy!

Now. My mother always told me that when you are sick(especially the kind of sick that makes you want to pluck your eyeballs out and give them a good ring before popping them back in) real rest includes resting your eyes and not watching tv all day. I always argued that this wasn't really true though, like most things your mother says but you "don't believe," I knew she was right. So between this and needing something to listen to on the nap time drive to and from Portland, I went to the library to get an audio book. When met with terrible selection, I reconsidered getting one at all, then I saw The Godfather. At first I wasn't interested but then I thought that perhaps listening to this story that all men seem to know and quote might give me some sort of new insight into R's mind. Well I am about 5 hours into the 18 hour reading and can't say I have gained this insight. It is an intriguing story, but rather gruesome for my taste... we'll see if I finish it before it's due! I never renew books, never remember before the early morning after they are due.

These two are going to make amazing parents one day!
It's always hard to say goodbye
The Godfather

Friday, October 11, 2013

Date Night: For Three Please

It's been a long couple of weeks. I am beginning to see I will probably be saying that for quite some time. These past few weeks have brought new parenting challenges with Gwenna... Evidence can be found fading from Amelia's cheek right now, some lovely teeth marks :/ 

As we pray and continue searching for the right way to tame so if her wild, we decided to start with a date night, just the three of us. When I first told her about it, she wanted to go to Nana's with Amelia and let us go on a date. She was soon persuaded otherwise.

After dinner at home, R let her pick four handfuls of change out of the change jar and put them in her purse to buy something. She paid for two rides on a car at the mall and paid for over half of her new deer earrings. 

It was a really beautiful time for us and it is something we will be doing again! So special getting to focus on her little self! 

Here are a few of the things she said: 

Conversation 1:
Gwenna: mom you are beautiful(pronounced  beaufuful). Tell her dad! Tell her! (He had told her to tell me earlier in the evening)
R: oh yes mommy is beautiful!
Me: you're quite handsome yourself
G: and me SO beautiful too! So beautiful!

Conversation 2:
G: I see the moon!
Me: yes it's so beautiful! Who made the moon? 
G: God did.... Does the moon live in tacoma?

---Please comment and share what you've done to help ease the transition of gaining a sibling! ---

Frozen Yogurt!

These next few are a blur, but Gwenna is most of the time...

She is looking way too grown up!

The earrings:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Contentment, Pumpkins and Pictures; a thought pondered and a memories made.

First the thought about contentment. I was enjoying a rare serenely peaceful moment yesterday, curled up on the couch feeding Amelia, fire crackling and Gwenna playing sweetly on the floor catching up on my sister in law's blog. This post in particular; beautiful pictures, and summaries that make you want to spend the whole day reading! It made me remember how much I love reading and start thinking of when I could possibly get back to the library to get one of these books to curl up with! Then the voice of reality confronted my daydreaming. The only things i've read since Amelia was born is WebMD, children's books allowed and interrupted bits of the Bible. For a moment I was disheartened... but it was impossible to remain so while watching Gwenna's imaginative that was in full throttle down at my feet. 
There will be a time for books of more than one hundred pages, but today, and for this season I have a little girl, soon to be two little girls, with a beautiful mind just waiting to be filled with more characters, settings and details to fill her games with. So look forward to some posts on children's literature soon as I am feeling rather inspired! How freeing to remember that being content with this season of life doesn't mean sitting back and twiddling my thumbs waiting for it to pass, but giving myself wholly to it and letting myself enjoy and learn from every moment!

Now, Pumpkins! 
Rhodric's grandparents grew the girls their own personalized pumpkins! Carving their names into them weeks ago when the pumpkins were very small. So fun and Gwenna loves her's... though she can't really tell them apart (=

We also made our first attempt of a family photo with all four of us. It was quite a disaster and I love every one of them! 

photo credit: Gwenna
photo credit: Gwenna


Thursday, October 3, 2013


I have no creative title for this post, or anything profound wisdom to share.

My heart is so full of love for these two girls of mine. Gwenna especially is growing so fast I can barely keep up with the bits of spunk and personality she is constantly shooting out in every direction! 

This evening R was away so we walked to the library and then I read them stories during dinner, bathed them and put them to bed. Just wait for the last picture to see how their night ended. Heart melting!

This first little series of G walking to the library is my favorite! She picked her outfit on her own and I couldn't have done a better job at it myself! She deemed the rocks in the road to beautiful to pass up and was willing to stop cars just so we wouldn't miss any!

My favorite. She is not even posing. 

French tights from Nana!

Home again home again...

This photo is taken especially for my sister Rose. We used to "put dresses on" with our wash cloths in the bath when we were little too.
She is loving her knew paci holder!
Giving the girls "alone time" in Gwenna's bed. Afraid to wander too far from such levels of  sister love.
Both fell asleep in minutes. My heart is singing!