Thursday, November 21, 2013


It's November. I'm not sure which day, but I know thanksgiving is next week sometime... Thursday I suppose. Our life is a flury, but a flury I wouldn't miss for anything. 

The girls are growing in strides that R and I are struggling to keep up with! Here is a quick update:

Favorite past time: traveling. All day, everyday she is going somewhere! Packing up all her belongings In whatever box, bag or basket she can lay her hands on and moving from one corner of the house to another. "Going to winco mom!"  "Headed to the goodwill!" Are frequent phrases that she yells my way. 

Favorite color: still YELLOW 

Favorite past time: eating. She has started solids and gets to eat every evening when we eat dinner. She loves it

Favorite color: any face(: she just likes company. She also really enjoy's when R wears his black and white striped sweater.