Monday, September 23, 2013


Fall is finally here! I love every part of it; the warmish rain, the turning leaves, kids starting school, getting to wear sweaters and boots, the cozy evenings, and most of all: thunder storms!
I can let go of the guilt I used to feel for loving the storms now that Rhodric is not roofing(= 

This past weekend was full of everything I just named!.. except back to school, but all my little siblings have just returned so I think that counts. Anyway, on Friday night we stayed in for a much needed family night. It was perfectly stormy and I was blessed with cooking success as I made a delicious creamy chicken and potato soup from scratch. Gwenna did not love the thunder and insisted on having her dinner spooned to her while she kept her hands over her ears... We will win her over yet! 
Dinner was followed by a game of "dominos" and R reading to the girls. Perfect. 

Sunday was equally blissful! After church I sat with Gwenna in her bed so she actually fell asleep! 
Then had Rhodric's brother and his girlfriend (Desmond and Shauna) over for dinner during G's nap. 
We decided the best way to celebrate the first day of fall was an adventure in the rain, so we donned our raincoats and boots and ventured out to some nearby woods for a good tromp. 

Here's to Fall!

The soup!

The beginning of a storm

"me no like that boom"

The best cider to ever touch your lips!

Good company!

Laying on my lap, listening to daddy read. luscious hair. puppy jammies.

Too good!


double rainbow!

Found a yellow poppy

finding pretty rocks
The bottom of the park
Horse Chestnuts!

A beautiful flower in our alley

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Sleepover With Lael

So Thursday night was my dear sister and brother in law's 4th anniversary! 
We love these two! Family and friends in one! Anyway we wanted them to be able to celebrate so we figured it was an ideal time to host Gwenna and Lael's first sleepover together. 

What a wild time it was! At one point while we were scrambling to clean up dinner, get a show started and keep the peace, Rhodric said, "wow. all those sleepovers with my cousins. Now i realize all the popcorn, pizza and movies were not merely for our pleasure, but my parents survival!" so true! Here is a glimpse, excuse the blurry photos, it was nigh impossible to catch both if them holding still(: 

 the happy couple!
Reading books waiting for dinner
Such hams!

All jammied up and ready for a movie (aka a 20 minute episode)

Both slept in Gwenna's little room! They did great!

We survived!!! 
Play mobile's after breakfast 

Rod had to work on Saturday so CJ came to go on an adventure with us

Looking for Fairies in the woods
We love Lael Monet! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Seven Weeks and a New Hat

Amelia is seven weeks old today! 
I really can hardly believe how much I love this little being. Before she was born there was a little voice of doubt that would whisper in my ear that I would not be able to love her as much as I love Gwenna. How far from the truth! 
Although today was grueling; Colic and new levels of two year old passion, each little battle had an equally sweet moment following just around the corner. 

Her new hat; because all her newborn or 0-3 mo hats don't cover her ears anymore!

Finger painting while I clean the kitchen. She had to wipe her fingers perfectly clean with a wipe between colors.

Wish you could tell how tiny and cute this egg was!
Her pretend grumpy face. Her real one is much scarier!
Bath before bed. Yes she turned her head and got her face a few times.
"See mom, me tiny baby!" Squeezing into the large Tupperware that is Amelia's bath... Her legs didn't even begin to fit!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No First Day of School!

I always have loved the first day of school, but today I thoroughly enjoyed NOT having anyone in our little family having it this year! 

I am so proud of R for finishing school with so much on his plate, and so thankful he is done, even if just for now. Today especially we were struck by how grown up G is getting and realizing that she will be starting school before we know it. 

Amelia enjoyed some daddy time at dinner, sporting a onsie that was G's. can't believe how big she is and how round her face is getting! 

Just when I think she can't get any cuter, she does something like this!

Nothing more attractive than this.