Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gwenna is THREE

Gwenna Rose Sanaa.
I hardly know what more to say! This girl is... more than I can begin to describe. 
These pictures give a tiny taste of her spirit and personality. She is wild, sweet and spunky.
She is mischievous,  kind and brave. She full of spirit, strength and determination. She is dramatic, beautiful and knows it. She's our Gwenna. 

She loves Merca
She loves daddy's hats
She loves helping with laundry! (R taught her to fold and I don't even have to refold her pile!)
She loves Amelia... possibly more than Amelia loves her...
She loves swimming
She loves her hair. No one can blame her... It's amazing.
She does not love being sick.
She loves earrings.
Here she is down with a high fever and still has the energy to steal sister's pacifier.
She loves her cowgirl girls (boots), long dresses and crowns.
She loves Yellow.
She loves me. though this picture may not communicate it super well...
She loves daddy
They are working on the puzzle she got him for his birthday
*my favorite picture*
She loves cupcakes and candles and all things fancy.
She loves being THREE!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

On Another April 17th...

Five years ago tomorrow I shared a birthday party with two of my good friends, Priscilla and Rhodric.
When that party was almost over, as we all walked back to the house from the bonfire, R grabbed my hand (with cheeky boldness I might add), and as my hand first melted into his and then returned returned the squeeze, I knew amid the rush of 19 year old emotions that this was a hand I could hold through thick and thin.

Fast Forward...

Four years ago today, April 17th, after dating for six months, we headed out on a dreary evening determined to have our birthday picnic. As we slipped onto the closed seminary grounds to try to find shelter, I saw a lovely picnic blanket out with flowers and lanterns and candles hung in the tree above. "oh no someone already is set up here," I thought as I turned to go find another spot. But he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the blanket where he got down on one knee...

It's been four lovely, hard, growing, beautiful years since that day. I still get that feeling of security when he grabs my hand, and I don't just think I could hold it through thick and thin, I know I will.

I love this man.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Did the Puyallup

I really think the phrase should be, "survived the Puyallup." 

We thought the Spring Fair would be quiet and easy going... That Gwenna would love it and it would be a serene family experience... Ok well I thought that, I am sure if I had described exactly what I was expecting Rhodric would have gently reminded me of the concept of reality. 

Alright I am being a bit dramatic. It was a fun family experience, the girls did great, but Gwenna wouldn't touch a single animal ("mom, horses really do eat people."). We did get free parking so that was a bonus!  Also, it was a gorgeous day to be out in! And to top it off I got the best series of pictures of Rhodric and Amelia. 

Her sun bonnet is hilarious. 

The one time she smiled at the fair. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014


It is a painful joy, watching Gwenna and Amelia grow into sisterhood. They've started snuggling and giggling in bed, hugging and kissing, genuinely enjoying each other... They have also started screaming at each other (ok that's mostly Amelia), micro managing(hmm wonder which one that is!) and hitting all the other bumps of sisterhood with full force. 

Leaving them alone is like playing a game of Russian Roulette. Dashing to switch the laundry downstairs and back before Amelia has been "helped" is one of the many games that momming these girls has created. 

Life is moving 100mph. I love it. 

They make footsie look cute:
Yep. She's pulling herself up on furniture:

Trying to drink from an empty rice cup:

Wild Thing:


Such a bright, inquisitive disposition!

Sneaking in for a bath:

Flower child:

Keeping close during playtime: