Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Catching Up

I have been so slow in posting for many reasons. One is that we were waiting to announce the news of our coming family addition until Christmas, and I knew if I found the energy to post I would weather I meant to or not, communicate my weariness and that any mothers reading would be able to tell our little secret sooner than we intended. My second reason is that I have so many thoughts and ideas dashing about in my head that I so desperately want to capture and share, giving each their own post that they deserve, that when I do sit down, I cannot decide which one to explore. So I have decided I must just start somewhere! There are some treasures that must be shared before I finish the current news of weddings, Christmas and baby.... Strange saying 'baby' and not meaning Gwenna dear. That will take some getting used to!

Post nap snuggle with her paci'

not ready to give it up

such good nose blowing form!

Altoid tin is the best crayon case! Easy to throw in my purse with a little paper tablet.

She has been a trooper

My usual perch, in front of the gas fireplace. 
What may seem like an excessive number of photos of G, is really my medicine for the past few weeks.
There has been a nonstop flurry of wedding and christmas plans and lists, and through it all I have been fighting "morning" sickness and sleepiness. It forced me to just choose to stay home a good deal more, and let myself spend half of the day on the floor. I've learned so much about Gwenna and myself as her mother!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Christmas!

The Bonds had a happy Christmas this year! Having the exciting news of little baby Bond's coming made the aches of my family's first Christmas without Lonnie a bit easier. I hope that your knowledge of our little bean will explain and pardon my lack of posts of late. Most days it takes all my energy to get through the morning and I have been forced to replace my normal busy time (Gwenna's nap time) with a nap for myself to get through the evening. Our Gwenna has got more gumption than any tot I've ever known, and I've known a fair dozen. She's a dear though and is trying to understand why mommy is moving so slow. There is so much to say about this pregnancy and how different it is from G's, but I will save that for another day! I hope you all are having lovely holidays!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22nd!

I have been meaning to post for about two weeks! So many sweet Gwenna moments have been had! Rhodric graduated! I wanted a whole post about that, and hopefully I will get to it, I need to snag a picture of the distinguished fellow. But today, my little sister married the love of her life, and my heart is so glad that the weariness that comes in crashing waves after a wedding cannot keep me from sharing. Rose is my dearheart. We've been sisters and friends for forever and a day. My little sister I have always looked after and taken care of and who did the same for me. I mothering her practical needs and her tenderly, or sometimes not, sewing up my emotional scrapes. Blair Borland, you are a lucky man!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A New Challenge!

The exclamation point at the end of the title is entirely to help boost my own pitiful spirit. A few weeks back I went to the doctor to see about a strange skin-welting problem, they determined (I must accredit my mother in law here, for she diagnosed me before the doctor) to be dermagraphia. Google it, it's quite interesting unless you have it. Anyway, they said I was allergic to something I was eating but they didn't know what. For once I didn't feel proud for having an answer. Two of my sisters have an undiagnosed gluten allergy, that manifested itself first with some strange skin/swelling problem followed by intestinal distain towards gluten. After a week trial, I have regretfully discovered my own intestines share their distain for the stuff!

Though it is taking me a bit longer than I would like, I am determined to make the best of it and find new, exciting, yet slightly inferior ways to enjoy the foods this life has to offer. At least I still have butter!

Photo credit here goes to Rhodric, sadly it may take months of being gluten free to find out if gluten is the trigger for dermagraphia. Here's to hoping it is and that's the only allergy I have got!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Jotting

Life is busy and beautiful. Gwenna's delight in the neighborhood's Christmas lights convinced us to squeeze a tree into our oh so small apartment. It fits in just like we do, snugly. I am hoping to do a bit more Christmas decorating but we shall see if it happens! I love these pictures from our afternoon walk with G, she is so full of life and adventure! We never tire (ok maybe sometimes a little bit when her tone is most unpleasant) of watching her little mind and body at work. Rhodric offered to carry her bike when she was done riding but she insisted that "Nenna" do it. Little rascal.

Ps. The iPhone jumbles the order of the selected photos, please excuse the disarray!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sister Love

Yesterday was a flurry, and I am expecting the same from today, and the rest of the month! Between Rose's wedding preparations, Rhodric graduating and Christmas, there are endless lists to check and talks to talk. But for a moment yesterday afternoon, while Gwenna slept, Xan and I found a moment that seemed warm and quiet. We made chocolate dipped spoons, gluten free cookies and some lace hangings for Rose's bridal shower. Most enjoyably though, we enjoyed the kind of comfortable chat that you can only have with a sister. I am so thankful for her.