Monday, April 29, 2013

Two Birthdays

When life's a whirlwind people still have birthdays! Gwenna and Rhodric had theirs this last Thursday (April 25th) and it was such a joy! For one, it was an unbelievably beautiful day. We are talking 70 degrees! This made us all the more reminiscent of the day G was born because it too was a beautiful sunny day. We were all up pretty early and I made them both a special egg and toast breakfast then daddy was off to work. We packed a picnic lunch and met for lunch which is a rare treat! G was a bit tired and opted out of playing on the toys, just wanted to sit in a wooden boat with R. No doubt about her being his!
G and I shared a nap and then played for a bit before going back out to meet R for dinner. After the weeks of bathroom construction, this was the most time we'd spent together as a family in quite awhile! We got some burgers and shakes (Gwenna can say "milk shake" impressively well!), and had a second picnic down by the water. It was more valuable and beautiful to me than almost anything! G taking on her role of two year old with all the fiery intensity with which she takes on every task. Chatting to daddy about the geese and gulls, ants and dogs walking by. Rhodric always so hard working except when he is relaxing with us. Seeing him putting work out of his mind and just enjoying us, his girls.

It was one of those days that you can look back on for encouragement whenever you need. So thankful and so blessed.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Long Overdue Note

I am somewhat of a planner. I love to daydream every detail of what is coming next in life. Yes, I also love spontaneous adventures, but that love has grown out of many moments of disappointment of reality shaking my perfectly shaped and imagined plans to dust...

The past few weeks have been, and the next few will be one of those learning adventures!
We are in the middle of a total bathroom remodel that, like most of its kind is taking a bit longer than anticipated. As you can imagine, my everbeingsquishedandkicked bladder along with a wild little girl who fits through new holes in the floor are not the best company for such endeavors. Thankfully, my parents live only 3 miles away and have a spare room (meaning my dear 14 year old brother has taken up residence in a room half his height and given me his memory foam) that fits our tiny family quite perfectly for the time of the remodel.

Oh goodness. I've been storing up so much I don't know what to write next.....

Right, back to plans that crumble and become new adventures. So on April 10th, we found out we are having another girl! We had told most people we were finding out on my birthday, the 11th, so we were able to enjoy the ultrasound and time with our baby girl before sharing with everyone. I had planned to do a blog post on my birthday sharing the news but didn't get further than Facebook. Pitiful I know.

There is so much more to say, I will try to continue soon. In the mean time, here are a few pics that our friend (and neighbor) took to announce our girl, or "baby sisser" as G calls her. Here is our friend's photography blog!

Also, Gwenna turns two in two days! Can't believe how fast time with her passes! More on this later!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring and Summer Thrifting!

I have never loved Spring as much I love it this year. Somehow I never fully appreciated the hope that it brings; the bright buds peaking out all around, the green grass, the afternoons of sun and cool breezes, and the showers that feel refreshing, not freezing. It makes life less daunting and ever hopeful! G and I keep finding ourselves outside for alley walks. The alley we live on is quite beautiful and makes you feel like you are walking along a country road. Gwenna thinks it's her very own.

Spring also brings with it a turn in my thrifting focus. It's time to start looking for summer wear! I am not looking for much for myself at the moment, mostly just making things fit. I am sure I will need a few summer staples in a few months, but in the mean time I am loving shopping for G. I found these little mexican cowgirl boots a bit back and they finally fit. She loves how they clip when she marches about. My goal for her summer look is EASY, versatile, comfortable and Gwenna. I know that I will be moving slow this summer, so the easy is for me as well as my family who will no doubt be enjoying some extra time with our girl. I've decided that play dresses and rompers are where its at for her. So easy to pack and if you have one you have a whole outfit! I still need to find a versatile sandle for her, on easter it was nearly 70 degrees and the girl only had boots!

these boots

the shadow of her little head!


Summer wardrobe in the making

Found these gems at an estate sale last week! Hoping to use the big one (original Pyrex) for yogurt once I try making it!

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Needed Adventure!

This past weekend was my sister Xan's spring break. So we decided to take advantage of her time off and go visit our Rose. Xan and I are 5 years apart, but you'd never know it. Everyone thinks we are twins and when they find we are not, its a 50% chance they guess she's a bit older. My sisters are one of my greatest blessings after R and G... They understand you in a way no one else possibly could.

So on Thursday afternoon, off we went! It was so fun to see the home that Rose and Blair have made their apartment into! The best part was we didn't do anything! Well, of course we did the essentials: eat, sleep, and go to goodwill. No agenda, just walks, playing with Gwenna and talking for 2 days straight. It was beautiful!

On the road

Making dinner was a group effort

Aunt Rose

could she be any cuter? she's sporting G's new adventure hat to show her that its cool

Enjoying her bedtime serenade from uncle Blair 

by saturday she was ready to go home

happy and chatty most of the way back home