Monday, October 29, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I went away on a mom's retreat this past weekend. It was glorious and I look forward to posting about it. At the moment I am soaking in being back with my two loves(and enjoying these thrift finds from the trip).

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A New Kind of Fall

Your whole life the seasons come and go and though you may live here or their, you know what they bring. I am discovering that this changes when you become a mother. Although I knew to expect to stay inside more, I had forgotten how much more direction Gwenna would need this fall versus last. It has been fun finding the things she loves and will keep busy with. I am excited that we haven't turned to Netflix (except once when I wasn't feeling well, but she wasn't interested anyway) for entertainment. We've been getting out a lot between downpours, thrifting, exploring and visiting various grandparents. I am trying to prepare our little home for the long hours indoors that are quickly approaching us with the cold weather! What are your favorite indoor activities to do with your toddler?

Catching a snack and some evening sun

Stickers! G's current favorite table activity. I love the way she stacks dozens on top of each other.

Latest thrift store find! Can't wait to see her little self in it with some tights and boots.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


It has been about three months since Lonnie passed away. I've been slow to blog about my thoughts in processing this reality, mainly because I have been barely able to understand them myself. I couldn't sleep much last night and so thought about him lots, and figured it now is as good a time as any to start. So here goes:

He was so much to me when i was little and because of that, he was so much to me when i was older. The good thing about being little is that you can show how much people mean to you with very little reserve. You don't know any different. One of the hardest parts about growing up for me was taking on that reserve that i was handed. Little did I know how important it is. It protects you when those you love so dearly cannot because they are blinded by their own troubles. That is what happend with Lonnie and I.

I cannot count the number of times we had to explain to questioning looks why I called him "papa." When I was young and longing for companionship, He, when my two other older siblings would brush of my pleas, would always oblige and play some for of house with me. He was always "Papa." Something happend when we grew up and though I still looked to him for affirmation and approval, I couldn't say it, and so he rarely gave it. We still laughed and argued and lived.

Almost exactly a year and a half ago, something happened; Gwenna. Over the year prior to her birth, I had come to accept that of course, our relationship would never be quite the same as when we were young, but I still felt slightly disappointed. He had a beautiful mind, he had eyes for beautiful things. He  connected with both Rose and Alexandra on an artistic and poetic level that i could not reach. I could try to appreciate their love for that world, but it was not in my blood like in theirs. But when Gwenna was born, I finally had something so beautiful and mysterious, he could not help but be captured by her spell.

I knew it would never be the same between us, we would keep laughing and arguing and living. But his love for G and his eye for the bare emotions she had as a baby and would have as a girl made me so content. Content to love her without reserve and to watch and feel every moment of her little self wondering at the world.

Lonnie gave this book to G 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Boppa's Towel

We are weary and near the end of all of our moving. Home evenings with Gwenna have been the best medicine for our worn out selves. She's been delighting us with flashes of her new coming sense of humor and sass. I came across this beauty of a towel in R's box of treasures. Apparently it was given to his dad for his high school graduation by his(R's dad) grandmother. G loves it and has claimed it as her own.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Half Birthdays

Today is my half birthday. I love half birthdays because they feel like a secret. Facebook doesn't announce them, you have to care about someone enough to figure out theirs and remember it. Everyone tells you happy birthday on your real birthday but it means something more when someone wishes you well exactly 6 months later. Ironically, I think it's very silly when people celebrate things like their 6 month dating anniversary and other made up milestones like that. I wouldn't claim that my philosophy on the subject is very logical. I love that every enjoyable thing you do on your half birthday feels like it's a little celebration, even though nobody knows. It's just lovely. Today one of those little celebrations was waxing my eyebrows during G's nap! Such a good feeling!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Polish and Pieces

I have a love/hate relationship with nail polish. It's all around inconvenient! It takes so much time and limits your activities afterwards, it doesn't last that long either. But it looks so good, completes any look and makes you feel that much more put together.
I was sharing these thoughts with R last night as I was painting my nails and he was doing homework (drawing house ideas). Somehow in our 2.4years of being married we had never talked about nail polish. On finding out how much he liked it on me, I've decided the pro list far outweighs the cons and nail painting will become a more frequent and enjoyable activity.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Thrift Stores: Part One of Many

I cannot say enough how much I love thrift stores! From Goodwill and Value Village to the little no name alley ones. I love the mystery and challenge of finding flowers in the ruins. I could go on and on, but I can hear G calling me from her nap, so here is an outfit from a few different thrift stores that has just fallen together. I love the scarf because it is beautiful and also doubles as a head scarf for me!

An Island Getaway

This past weekend we decided to steal away for some family time without the distractions we so often succumb to in normal life. So we packed a suitcase and headed over to a nearby island on which R's grandma owns a house. We went boating, swinging, talking, playing, laughing and just loving. It was such a blissful fall moment!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

An October Day

Today was a good day. The sun was shining but kind enough to let a little chill into the fall breeze. G and I stayed home all morning and tidied and played. Then my sister came over with our niece for a little photo shoot (pictures to come) before I had to dash off to the orthodontist to have attachments put on for my next phase of Invisalign... I squeezed in a thrift store run on my way back and scored a great find for our living room! Having a good outfit definitely played its part in making the day swell.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pumpkin patch

We've been living in a whirlwind this month! As i said in my last post we are trying to get moved into our upper unit, and it's finally getting along! We're sleeping upstairs now, or at least trying to. There is no room for G's crib up there so we've had to get creative, and some nights 'creative' isn't enough to keep our monkey girl in bed. There has been alot of laughing and a few tears but she is settling in and so are we.

On Saturday, we abandoned our work for a morning at the pumpkin patch, after all, life goes on right? We borrowed a bigger car and drove out with my sister, her husband and babe and met my brother, his wife and babe and our cousins for a romp in the dirt. It was a breath of fresh air! 

my cousin Sarah took some pictures and here they are, her blog is here:
Classic Gwenna and Lael

Rod doesn't go easy on 4 year old boys, he says he's giving them a taste of life.

who needs pumpkins when there is fresh dirt?

a rare, sweet moment

again, classic G... I'm afraid she's a bit of a bully

my brother, Lorne with his wife Morgan and their boy, Caleb

my sister Rachel, and her husband, Justin and babe, Lael