Thursday, August 29, 2013

A date with Gwenna

So this late morning it worked out last minute for Cheryl, R's mom, to take and hold Amelia for two hours while I took G on my errands. I wanted to make it into a fun date (a pretty easy task when your date is two!), so we pulled on our rain boots and called it a puddle jumping date that would end in ice cream after we stomped as many parking lot and alley puddles as we could! 

Turned out G had it in her heat somewhere to be extremely adorable and photogenic as well as beautiful company, so I had to take loads of pictures and share them! 

One of our errands, was a pitiful attempt of mine to take something off Rhodric's list/impress/seduce him with my ambition; getting the tire on my car fixed. This was going great until I couldn't start the car right outside of Les Schwab and he had to come help me. Thankfully I don't need to such things to impress or seduce him and he was just glad to see his girls in the middle of a work day(: 

A cute story: Gwenna's ice cream choice was a chocolate Sunday. While eating it she somehow gave herself a nice splatter of chocolate sauce across her face. Right before her nap she was admiring herself in the mirror, sees the splatter and gasps in delight, "mama!!! I have tiny moles on my face!" Me, "oh! Wow! Do you mean freckles? Let me see, oh that is chocolate from your ice cream, it does look like freckles!" Her, "no. It is tiny moles on my face. It is so cute!"

Dress: a goodwill find by her Aunt B 
Sweater: baby gap I thrifted
Boots: thrifted from St. Vincent's 

Before the plunge !

My favorite picture! Chasing butterflies!

Sad about going inside for a nap... But ever so adorable. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It has been a crazy couple if weeks! I am beginning to wonder if I will be saying that the rest of my life(: 

In laws returned on Monday,Gwenna was especially glad to be reunited with her aunt Gillian! So we are back at home. Even though there is still some construction in progress and piles and boxes everywhere, there is something about your own home that just can't be beat. I will get pics of the amazing work R has done soon!

About Amelia's birth story. Every time I sit down to write it, let's be honest, that isn't very often, I get absolutely mentally drained just thinking about the whole ordeal! I am not giving up, just giving myself more time and rest before attempting a full recount. Looking forward to sharing the experience with you readers! 

As you can see, A is plumping up like a good baby and G hasn't lost her spark in all the moving about(: 

Also, at one point, R and I were able to steal away for a real date, just the two of us. It was magic. I love him!

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Sweet Suprise

I have come to accept the fact that blog posts are going to be a bit less frequent for a time. And that I should just seize the little opportunities for sharing quick rid bits of this new phase of our life. 

Last night I was rather emotionally telling R all the reasons I was stressed and why we might not survive this crazy week of trying to finish the apartment and move back into it while making his parents house look a bit less like a nursery, keeping up with Gwenna's adjusting little self, all on very little sleep.
His loving reassurance and logic, while comforting, did not fully convince me that we'd make it. 

This day however, was like Jesus telling me how silly I was. Of course we would make it, and of course He'd be there every step of the way. 

What a sweet surprise! 

It started with Gwenna sleeping in until 8:25: glorious! I somehow managed to sneak in a shower. My mom stopped by for a visit, always a joy for G and I both. Then Xandra came to hold Amelia and give me moral support while I tackled a few projects. Gwenna, who thinks she has out grown her nap napped! Meaning I got one as well! Then we went to the park and for a walk before R's aunt and uncle brought us dinner. Now here I am, G asleep after a lovely story time, rocking Amelia while getting picture texts from R of his amazing progress on the house. 

Blessed days like this are more valuable than jewels!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Photo Dump!

So much cuteness, sweetness and love to try to capture! Here's some of my attempts! 

Amelia is as sweet as ever and is three weeks old today! She just broke out with some bad baby acne poor thing.

Gwenna is as two as ever, but continues to fiercely adore Amelia while she adjusts to her presence. 

Rhodric working harder than ever at work, and getting our house ready to hold another little being, not to mention attending most the laundry, cooking, housework and emotional needs of us three girls! What a man I've been blessed with!

I am a number of things, but mostly thankful and tired. (: 

First adventure out with my girls! Rode the ferry to Anderson Island to help R's grandma with a garage sale... Not sure how much help we were.
Picture of summer: dresses, picnics and dirty feet!
Amelia breaking in her travel bassinet
"Driving" on the ferry ride. I adore this girl!
At Rhodric's company picnic.

Here is a series taken over th past week and a half of Gwenna and Amelia!