Buses, Trains and Cocoa

A lot about this adventure didn't go as planned... 

The thought was this idyllic morning bus ride downtown, cocoa and snuggling up to read fairy tales... But when do things ever go exactly as planned with a toddler? 

We met auntie Xan at her house at 7:30 and did get the fun bus ride in! The girls got to see her office and get office candy from the bowl (I think they will remember that part forever). Beautiful sticky cocoa and then climbing around the history museum  turned out much mor appealing than reading fairy tales. 

We decided to ride the train up to get berries from the Farmers Market, and while exiting an inevitable potty run, Amelia's pinky got closed in the jam of a very heavy door. The last hour before making home was tragic. Screaming, sobbing, running to catch the next bus to get home to the precious pacifier and much needed ice. 

Well... It's an outing we won't soon forget(: 


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