Friday, August 31, 2012

Last weddings for the Summer

Our two last summer weddings happened to fall on the same day, August 18th. The first was my cousins in the morning in which we were very involved. I was acting wedding coordinator and Rod was on set up and break down. I have long been frustrated with friends and family assuming that I love to perform. I did quite a bit as a child, but have long since retired this pleasur. As I stepped into the role of wedding coordinator I realized that what I loved and infact still do love is this practical way of acting. Once I put on the shoes, there was no going back! Everyone was looking to me for direction and instruction. If I didn't know the answer I had to make one up on the spot. I was playing a role that carried weight, but didn't have an audience. Thankfully the wedding went smoothly and beautifully.

By one pm we were all three exhausted and ready for a rest, so we stumbled back down to Tacoma(the wedding was in Seattle) and all slept for a few hours before sending G to nana's and R and I freshening up for round two. It was lovely to go to this friend's wedding just the two of us with no jobs to do for anyone. We danced to Etta James.

Photo's of my cousin Katie's wedding I must accredit to my sister Rose

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pajamas and Boots, and then some

Monday night G and I got a lovely suprise, Rod got home from work much earlier than usual. He's been working loads lately and we usually end up eating dinner just before sending G off to bed... Not this night. We had dinner eaten and cleaned up over an hour before it was bedtime, and it was a lovely evening so we decided to go for a walk. We love our neighborhood, it has lots of beautiful old houses and quite a few good views. G walked for about a block and half before realizing she had two perfectly able adults with her, and preferred to be carried after that. We do love her so.

On Tuesday we had a play date at our house with my sister Rachel and her daughter Lael. The girls are only 2.5 months apart (Gwenna being younger), and they get along well for the most part. They love each other immensely, but somehow that is a problem more often than not. I must get pictures of the two of them soon.
After they played for a bit we went to a little consignment shop across town and I found G two pair of shoes that are almost too cute for words when i think about the outfits they will complete. I could write a whole book on why shopping at thrift shops and consignment shops is so brilliant, but i will settle for a blog post in the near future!

I just love the way her baby belly makes her Pajamas stick out

playing with lighting, trying to figure out this camera

G trying on her new training panties. We aren't going to try potty training for a few months yet, but she was so excited, I had to let her try them.

The shoes

I look at her and see beauty.

Could she look any bigger? I can feel her babyhood slipping through my fingers everyday

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Home Day

You would think that having a home day would be a fairly common occurrence. Unfortunately they are too few and far between. With dozens (ok not quite) of siblings and and cousins around, we always end up dashing too and fro visiting, running errands and having play dates. I am working once or twice a week, nannying so that keeps us out lots as well. Without fail, amidst the flurry and bustle, Gwenna lets me know in her own little way that it is time. We clear the schedule for the next day and settle in. I am always surprised by how little i actually get done, but it's worth it. We bake together, play together and wonder at the world together. Yesterday was one of those days. I found a camera up in the closet and snapped a few pictures to share. Enjoy this little glimpse of baby.
 This new pose debuted when the camera came out and i asked her to hold still for a moment
 This is by far one of my favorite articles of G's clothing. The blue brings out her eyes. Also, this is one of my favorite ways to do her hair. It's cute, slightly grown up and so easy to do while she is wiggling!

 Who doesn't ride their piggy bank?
 Fresh nap baby. Still warm and slightly smelly... beautiful.
 blurry, but so happy

Trying out the potty chair... So far she thinks it's a bit boring, but likes the applause she gets for trying it out. Mostly she enjoys making her baby doll sit on.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back Log from June

Back log from 6/18/2012

A Moment From Our Monday: 

Gwenna ended her nap today by ending mine. I was still tired and rather groggy, the kind you get from getting woken abruptly when you've just actually plunged into sleep... But I didn't mind. We were just sitting on the floor in the living room waking up and playing with each other. Then it happened. She looked at me with what I call her mischief demons dancing in her eyes. Then she ran and climbed on the couch and stood up tall and just stood there staring at me. I stared back. We were both asking ourselves the same question:" is mama too tired to stop baby?" we haven't set a rule about standing on the couch, she has to to look out the window... But her reason for it now was purely to challenge my will power. Was I up for the challenge? We stared at each other for about 10 seconds. 10 long seconds. Baby made the first move, a little shoulder twitch. I copied it. She did another and through a little hip in with it. We both began to smile. I quickly reached over and turned on pandora, Aretha Franklin swooped in to give us a beat with Respect. The next 3 minutes were amazing. Dancing and laughing. The impromptu dance party ended almost as quickly as it began. Baby was back to busily getting into and onto whatever she could, but I remember those few blissful moments when all she wanted was to see my eyes and have me see hers.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back log: A Birthday Medley

                                                              April 17th 2010
A birthday medley... From April
Every year of our short lives together, Rhodric and I have celebrated our birthdays together. This is not hugely inconvenient because mine is on the eleventh of April and his the twenty- fifth. Our first shared celebration was the 17th of April, 2009. We were friends and shared the party with another friend of ours. It was a grand party full of friends, joy and laughter, with a side of a teenage crush. This day at our party, our friendship was just tipping over the brink of a plain good friendship to a kind of love we'd only read about.
Fast forward one year exactly, April 17th 2010. We've had a whirlwind of a year and now know, at least we think we know what love means. We know the words "through thick and thin" but have yet to feel the meaning of them. I waited impatiently for Rhodric to get off work and come pick me up in his yellow truck that had fostered many tears, laughs, kisses, confusions and realizations. "This birthday together will be so different from last year." I thought as a packed us a picnic dinner. I had no idea how different. We'd been planning a picnic birthday for over a week, but when the rain rolled in that morning, Rhodric texted me, asking what I thought. Wanting to spend time with him more than anything, and wanting to impress him almost as much, I said we should go for and bring a tarp. Finally I heard the familiar rumble of his truck. We decided to go to the old seminary where his parents got married and we'd spent some time wandering. As we walk down through the garden to a little wilderness, the sun makes a determined appearance that graced us with a rainbow. Then I see something that makes me smile, but also disappoints me. Someone else already had a lovely picnic set up right where we were headed. It was picturesque. A well loved patchwork quilt, glasses and a bottle, flowers, and a lantern hanging from an overhanging branch. Then my love told me that that was for our picnic! "what a man! He did all this for my birthday! I feel dreadful for being displeased with him for being so late. I never knew he could be THIS romantic. I love him." I thought as I walked down and sat on the blanket. When I turned to thank, he was on his knee. Just like that. He told me lots of lovely things, the most compelling of which was the last, "will you be my wife?"
April 2011 we received a special gift. She came on Rhodric's birthday but she was for both of us to share and delight in. Gwenna Rose Sanaa, it means Blessed Rose of Brilliance. I will save her birth story for another post, but this I will say, the day our sweet girl was born, our eyes were opened to a new kind of love. We knew we loved each other. We knew we would love our baby, but we didn't know, we couldn't have known how seeing each other love and care for this little helpless babe would bring a new understanding of just how deep our love for each other ran. This was our tiredest, most raggedy birthday ever, but also the happiest of its time.

And last (till next year) but not least, our 2012 birthday. Rhodric's parents were sending us out to dinner and keeping Our Gwenna girl for the night... So we took this glorious opportunity to sneak away from usual overly busy hubbub of our life. We went to a fancy Italian restaurant that we went to when we were dating. It was lovely, but I've never been very comfortable in nice restaurants, so afterwards we went to 7-11 and picked up some American Spirits, then a cool coffee bar for coffee and headed to the beach. It was a cool but not cold evening and we set up camp for the evening. It was so surreal, we could hear people singing and talking at their fires in the distance, but we were totally alone. We had the thrill of stealing onto a beach at night with no one knowing our whereabouts, the thrill of kissing with only the stars as witness, but the security of knowing who we were are and who we were with. I got the chance to lean back and just look at this man, my husband. This man blesses me not just by the work that he does or the words that speaks, but by his very being. His loving presence is the greatest blessing and encouragement to me. Another April, another birthday together, a deeper love, another tune for our birthday medley.