Sunday, July 28, 2013

The First Week

This first week with Amelia has been quite an adventure! We all love her loads, some of us less gently then others... 

Here is a picture overview of this week! 

Day One: 
So small and sweet. We are quite smitten.

Day Two: 

Gwenna loves the baby toes. 

Lael very pleased with her new cousin. And feeling ready for her own baby sibling, coming this January!
So glad to be home!
Day Three: 
Who needs a pacifier when you have a big sister?
Two of her five great grandparents... Sadly, I haven't gotten a pic with her and her great grandma Bond who has been over lots and helped so much with food!

Day Four: 
Meeting more family. Caleb said, "she is pink, just like her shirt." 
Gideon and Amelia, cousin buddies.

Getting out for a walk down the block to a delicious dinner at a neighbor friend's. she made the blanket A is wrapped in! 
Day Five: 

My piglet. So pink and such a little nose!

Daddy dates starting early. Walking to Safeway and Starbucks while I rest.

Day six: 
So much loving going on around here! Today G tried to pick A up alone for the first time. Terrifying.
G took about 30 pics of Amelia on my phone this morning. This is the only one that turned out, I love it!
Lest anyone think I am gliding about in a flowing skirt, all collected and calm. This morning had no shower, no make up and quite a few tears. Worth it. 

Relaxing with uncle Desmond and Shauna

Day seven!!!
First nap together!

Being born is such hard work! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Our Baby Born!

I will write her birth story for you readers soon. Today, I will just introduce you to our new sweet girl!

Amelia Quince Alexandra Bond
Born at 9:47am on 7/22/13
8lbs 8oz with beautiful blonde hair! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Camping Success!!!

Well we did it! And what a hoorah! I figure I had better get my pictures up right away in case something distracts me this week(: lots of family, food, adventure and love. Also, lots of parenting as the three two year olds are not used to spending quite so much time together. 

The girls woke a bit too early, so they got to start the day with a little movie time... No, they did not both sleep in that one play pen!
Rod and Justin's boat was quite a hit.
Love these two.
Showing off a big crab

Baby starfish!
Lael loves her uncle Rod
Consulting on a clam.
Rose and Blair came farther than any of us, all the way from Portland!
This lady! Planned the whole trip 18mo ago! Wouldn't have happened without her!

This was too good to pass up a picture! So thankful for my parents!
Skipping rocks
Boat riding 
Love her hair!
Uncle Rod was rather a big hit.
Auntie Love
39 weeks! Come sweet girl, come!
Making gluten free donuts
Enjoying breakfast 
Rhodric's next morning coffee
Such a cool Grammie
Granddad, always the babies favorite.
These boys and their boat!!!
The three stooges.
The girls are unbelievably corny.
Cousin shot, missing Jade and Amaris
She adores baby Gideon!