Stepping Into Two: Buckle Up!

So Amelia has been two for about a month now. Last Sunday a friend asked me how two was- my honest feelings slipped out of my mouth before I had a chance to decide if I wanted to sugar coat it, "oh it's terrible." 

Now of course I adore the child- from head to toe and back! With Gwenna, three was so much more difficult than two- so I had been telling myself that's the way it is, that "two isn't so hard." But I think I had forgotten about the turning two adjustment period. 

So now I am regaining my footing after one of the most intense months of motherhood- trying to put on a. New perspective and embrace the crazy of a new two year old. Accepting the fact that if I let her out of my sight, trouble is most likely to follow. Enjoying the chubby armed hugs squeezing my neck, while also prepared to deflect a shoulder bite. Not being defeated when I walk into the bathroom and it's painted with toothpaste- and the toilet seat a demonstration of Crayola's "washable" markers. Or when you manage to survive pacifier weaning, but the biggest side effect is a new wake time: between 5 and 6 daily to be exact. 

So this new perspective- it isn't expecting these things and saying they are okay. It's expecting her to grow, but not being surprised by failure. By having grace to give her as we discipline and talk through (often for the 10th time that day) why we don't pull big sister's hair. It's about love being the reigning motive for my words and actions towards her. 
It isn't just a perspective for parenting but for living in a world of flawed people. Giving grace because I need grace. Amelia is just giving me a chance to take a crash course in it! 

5 am play mobiles and cup of cereal- learning to play quietly so Gwenna can sleep!


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