The Fourth!

This post is dedicated to my sister in law Brittany. Her blog is here:
She and her husband just moved to NYC and missed spending the Fourth with the family out on their grandparents property.

Dear B, first off I think it's hilarious and ironic that you love the 4th and it gives me anxiety, and I love lightning storms and they give you anxiety. Anyway, I am trying to learn to love this dangerous holiday since R loves it as much as Christmas. We didn't hold back this year, I even surprised him by getting myself a Merca shirt. 

Anyway, the main point, telling you of Gwenna's bravery so you can be as proud of her as I told her you would be! She's well on her way to bring your prodigy in the pyromaniac department!

When the fireworks were brought out she enjoyed the thrill of pretending to be terrified... There was a lot of shrieking.
She went so far as to have a bandana tied over her ears (she specifically asked to send you a pic of that). Then we tried to get her to shoot off a Roman candle with R but, "NO WAY! You can do it, I'll watch. I could never do that! Too scary! Too loud! I'll watch from the truck!" You get the idea. 

I only got a picture of her shooting off her first one, she went from just putting one finger on it to feeling the power and holding it on her own. After that she was unstoppable! Setting off firecrackers in the water bucket etc!

She can't wait till next year! And she's looking forward to you making it back for this some year in the future!

Amelia preferred staying in the truck

 Not touching- ears covered


No wondering where you get it. They were having more fun than the kids!


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